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This project is a very special edition of one of my portraits of a cheetah that has now been completed, with the aim of raising funds for the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Three copies have been produced with a collection of signatures by Cheetah Conservation Fund patron HRH Princess Michael of Kent, HRH Prince Michael of Kent, Dr Laurie Marker (founder and executive director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund) wildlife film makers Christine Ekstrom, Doug Allan and Gordon Buchanan and wildlife photographers Frans Lanting, Art Wolfe, Brent Stirton, Angela Scott and Jonathan Scott. Each photo lists the countless international honours earned by the film makers and photographers, suffice to say that I am overwhelmed to have had the support for this project for the Fund from some of the greatest of all time. From a letter I received - "the fact that you have already got so many signatures already that your project is bound to be a big success" - Sir David Attenborough. One copy is an exhibition copy, which was first shown at the Royal Festival Hall in London in October 2018 and then at the M Shed Museum in Bristol until the end of February 2019. The other two copies have been donated for sale for the benefit of the Cheetah Conservation Fund.